Nigel Farage: Tells it Like He's Got Cannonballs

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    You all should be fired!
    [ame=]You Should ALL Be Held Accountable For What You've Done! - YouTube[/ame]

    EUE Bribing Croatia to Join EU!
    [ame=]Nigel Farage: EU bribing independent Croatia to rejoin a 'new Yugoslavia' - YouTube[/ame]

    This is how Police States Begin
    [ame=]How Dictatorships Begin - State of Emergency - Democracy Suspended - Unelected Rule [Nigel Farage] - YouTube[/ame]

    EU Becoming an Orwellian Police State
    Nigel Farage: Europe Is Becoming An Orwelian Police State, Ruled By Unelectable Madmen, Which May Soon Be Overrun With Violence | ZeroHedge

    And to confirm his charges against the EU:
    Eurozone To Avoid Any Popular Vote In Treaty Change | ZeroHedge

    Nigel catches an EU minister telling a lie (lol)

    Nigels points out the failures of the EU

    Nigel's called shots regarding EU policies

    Highlight video of Nigels speeches
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