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Discussion in 'Politics' started by davidlee, Oct 11, 2012.

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    LOOK... Obamacare's passage was based on the biggest LIE, i.e. there are 50 million uninsured!
    How can that be when 10 million counted as "uninsured" ARE NON-CITIZENS according to the Census!
    14 million counted as "uninsured" ARE COVERED by Medicaid!
    18 million DON"T WANT health insurance because they at under age 34 spend less then $1,000 a year for health services..yet that number is used!
    There are less then 8 million truly uninsured that NEEDED insurance BUT not at the expense of DESTROYING the rest of 97.5% of Americans health coverage.. which YOU are now SEEING!!!
    NO where in any of MSM discussions I'm sure you agree was $600 billion a year that is WASTED by physicians BECAUSE they order duplicate tests, refer to specialists...ALL BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID OF being SUED!

    So what is so wrong in taxing the millionaire lawyers 10% of their $100 billion in fees?
    Use that $10 billion to provide health insurance for the truly needy 8 million?

    WATCH then how quickly that $600 billion a year decreases as LAWYERS' 10% tax declines as that figure declines!
    If That Declines $60 billion a year that means insurance premiums would go down BECAUSE again most people don't believe because they don't understand that for every $1 in premium 80% or 80 cents goes back out in CLAIMS!
    Reduce defensive medicine.. your reduce claims. Reduce claims you reduce premiums!
    BUT more importantly GET RID of Obamacare as it is the AVOWED purpose to destroy the health insurance industry.
    And once Obama who told us he prefers a single payer system meaning 1,300 health insurance companies go out of business AND that pay $100 billion a year in:
    state taxes,
    federal taxes,
    property taxes,
    sales and use taxes,
    Social security taxes for employees that are HIGHER then what the employee pays!
    Medicare taxes that match the 1.45% employee pays
    workers compensation taxes and
    unemployment taxes - taxes that fund the unemployment checks that millions get for 99 weeks!
    PLUS employ 400,000 people that Obamacare will put out of work..
    How will that $100 billion a year be replaced???
    Who will be paying those 400,000 unemployment checks?
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