MSM Cacooning

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Annie, Jan 16, 2005.

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    I thought this post so interesting:

    The whole post is interesting and rife with examples. Here is a money quote:

    The real lesson of this exercise isn't that there is a MSM conspiracy to undercut the War on Terrorism. It is a matter of the combination of unprofessional conduct via lack of outside audit and professional promotion incentives. Until the coming of Blogs and internet search engine like, MSM types could get away with "shaping events" based on their preconceptions. There was just no one else out there who could report what was happening because of the high barriers to entry costs of really reporting as well as doing the necessary library background research to frame events in their proper perspective. The MSM had no real competition for far too long - and like any other large bureaucratic organization that has been unchallenged, they got fat, dumb and lazy. ​

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