More Of "Too Much" Reagan Cheap Labor Trajectory

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    People, in the recent Bush Administration, Terms I and II, missed a lot. Besides mortgage payments--in a hefty sum--and besides clues about the whereabouts of Al Qaeda, The collective memory of the whereabouts of employment, in the "Entrepreneurial Spirit," "Trajectory Years" of the Reagan Administration: was also on the wane.

    It is of no small consequence, in the current administration, that memory is often the first thing to go. In the "Holocaust Bedroom," at the White House, named after the first GOP president in history: There is even a memorial to it all, missed entirely by another first level president of history. All that can be mustered(?) to say, apparently, is that Afghanistan will not be like that(?)!

    And so we have writings. Lots of Writings. We have Lots and lots of writings.

    Let Reagan be Reagan

    There was too much cheap labor in the Reagan Trajectory. The unemploment rate would reach to nearly eleven percent, even as the federal procurements money again(?), for the first time(?) went to the rich. Anyone knows that monarchies are like that. Now it goes to the bureaucrats, and teachers, and the $300,000 per year faculty salaries instead, but the trajectories are similiar--and they don't work! No market happens in the world of the Entrepreneurial Spirits. Trick or Treat Happens, (and the Crawling Drunk , my Indian Name, Thing) happens.

    The Entrepreneurial Spirit, of the Reagan Trajectory, was not an unprecedented time. Still, it would actually be later on, that people would be amazed at just how stupidly an American Presidential Administration could really be run, (even though it was widely noticed then, in both)! Military Armaments procurement money, would go to the rich and high-salaried. The incidence of povery would increase. The stock market would crash. Youth, minority unemployment would soar to gangland-creating levels. There was too much supply, and therefore too much cheap! Cheap is always in demand, explaining why Laizzez Faire doesn't work.

    There was Too Much of Not enough to go around in the Reagan Trajectory, than even in the Reagan Trajectory that just happened, and is happening.

    The West Wing, of the celebratory ambience kind, ("No Rev. Jeremiah Wrights," or however that is said), now recently noted to be behaving more like boys, than like men: Is in no position to rely upon any Entrepreneurial Spirit, based on any history, anymore.

    Anyone has to be made to believe that it can't happen, here!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, could at least a Garden Grow. And many called it, "Mary, Mary," and kind of let other matters, go!)
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