Modern Fashions: The Blue Aesthetic (Runway TV?)

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    Americans love fashion and entertainment, and new age programs and films reflect this interest. Our modern world is of course commerce-gauged, so how we present images/ideas about commercial imagination reveals our socialization aesthetic!

    There are multiple fashion-shows on TV these days, including America's Next Top Model, and these programs obviously highlight our commercial fascination with lifestyle aesthetics and the 'customs' of marketing.

    The color blue has always represented (to the social psyche) ideas about calmness, coolness, tranquillity, and even self-awareness. We might therefore consider why representations of the color blue in fashion/entertainment highlight our new age investments in 'media etiquette.'

    The hallmark of a democratic/free-speech media is rich investments in creative imagery, so modern media might be an 'arm' of socialization journalism. This is afterall 'TrumpUSA.' So here's a mosaic of 'blue journalism.'



    American comic book writers/artists might present outlandish characters in strange blue outfits. These characters may be terrorists, psychics, heroes, or even aliens! When we see blue-colored comics characters, we might think about why they represent our socialization curiosity about aesthetics in media.


    American fashion-designers boast rich models in fancy or even straightforward fashions/clothing such as rompers and summer dresses and when we see these styles in blue, we remember why fashion is so darn cool. Americans are also very very interested in fashion, which may be a journalistic observation of capitalism itself. We want to see Melania Trump in blue dresses on TV. Melania is an attractive First Lady and the most attractive First Lady since Jackie Kennedy.


    A calendar featuring photos of children/babies in blue-denim or blue-fashions represents our modern fashion trends and general society imagination. America is a photo-society (i.e., Facebook), so we want modern media to capture this lifestyle consciousness. Even President Trump is on Twitter now...


    A nice blue jacket worn by a journalist at the Kentucky Derby reminds us why American hospitality is wed to society. We hate censorship more than anything in the USA, right?


    American department stores offer women nice sweaters and jeans so they can embrace our culture of comfortable couture and fitness. Hey, it's America that 'permits' the marketing of Playboy, Harper's Bazaar, and Vogue. This is the Era of People Magazine, and oddly enough, it parallels the rise of Wal-Mart culture. Fashion is democracy.


    A revered international designer such as Yves Saint Laurent might even want to present one of his rich blue trench-coats in an American fashion-runway show, and these days, we'd expect coverage of such a 'rich' show on TV and in magazines. What does President Trump make of all this 'commercial vanity'? Is it vanity?


    Authority is the name of the game, and he who has the authority to dictate fashion and direct trends is the world's Big Brother. America leads the way in the world in fast-food (Burger King), computers (Apple), consumer electronics batteries (Energizer), toys (Fisher-Price, Toys 'R Us), and of course sports (NFL Super Bowl ads). We look to America for insights into 'media-imagination' and CNN is the most respected news program in the world, covering all aspects of global news and trends, and obviously reflects our modern interest in journalism. We celebrate media in America to literally spotlight the world. Right, Mr. Trump?


    As every consumer wants, fashion-designers and department stores such as Target are expected to capture our modern interest in pedestrian aesthetics, high fashion, runway consciousness, and media intelligence. We love films like Pretty Woman, The Devil Wears Prada, and Celebrity. There's no shame in media in America. Our only flaw is the looming human scandal interest, but hey, no country is perfect!


    As you watch a fashion-show on TV this weekend, consider why 'TrumpUSA' might become a timeless 'tower' of networking. After 9/11, we're simply anxious about traffic enthusiasm. How many people truly love America?


    Anyways, it's all in good taste, right? I might purchase a nice bottle of blue Polo cologne this weekend and think about why fashion reminds me of folklore. Remember folks, it's censorship that threatens the basic vitality of modern media. Oh, the joy of commercial chatter...




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