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    I'm looking into the non partisan elections and ballot proposals. I know who to vote for on the ones that say dem, rep, libertarian, green, etc.

    PROPOSAL ONE, medical marijuana. Maraijuana should be legal anyways, so hell yes on prop 1.

    Prop 2, stem cell/embryonic research. Hell yea! By the way, my priest endorsed mccain based on his one. I am thinking of turning him in and costing my church their tax exempt status, but I don't want my community to hate me. But that was BULLSHIT! Hey, if the right can fuck with Rev. Wright, why should we protect law breaking churches?

    Proposal 3 sounds like their trying to ask for more money and bigger government. I didn't understand their lousy explanation when I looked up my sample ballot, so I'm voting no unless someone can convince me otherwise.

    Hathaway for judge. She's the liberal. Republicans say she's light n crime, but first time offenders have to be punished financially first because we don't have the money or space to lock up every non violent offender, and the republicans know that. Repubs talk a good game but never want to fund their ideas.

    Saad is a judge appointed by bush. I want him gone. Cliff taylor too. Abortion and stem cell could be in their hands? No way.

    If you know anything about these ppl, let me know:

    James m alexander
    martha anderson
    nancy grant
    shalina d kumar
    rudy j nichols

    david carl anderson
    mary ellen brennan
    lisa gorcyca
    thomas e kuhn

    mark frankel vs daniel a obrien

    william balestrino
    mathew cornish
    greg janicki
    kathy j lyall

    some of these might be ppl to oversee wayne state or uofm or msu. I'm just hoping for a link that will tell me more about some of these people.

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