Mexicute this man.

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    How many more have to die??? Close the damn border!

    Man convicted of killing Border Patrol agent receives life sente - San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8 -

    July 1, 2011: Today, Jesus Navarro-Montes a Mexican national was sentenced to life in prison for killing a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border patrol agent Luis Aguilar. Jesus Navarro-Montes was attempting to escape while smuggling drugs into the U.S. and purposely ran the Border Patrol Agent over killing him with a Hummer full of drugs, then fled back into to Mexico.

    July 1, 2011: “At sentencing Friday, Navarro-Montes faces a maximum prison sentence of life in prison on the murder charge and 40 years on the narcotics charges.”

    January 19, 2008: Navarro-Montes, “callously ran over” BP Agent Luis Aguilar, 32, with a drug loaded Hummer H2 the agent was putting down spike strips to prevent the Hummer H2 from escaping back into Mexico when he was killed. Agent Aguilar patrolled the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area.

    Jan 22, 2008: After Navarro-Montes killed Agent Aguilar he fled into Mexico. He was arrested by Mexican authorities and was held until June 2008. Mexican authorities let him go claiming that the U.S. did not seek extradition.

    Feb. 11, 2009: The United States extradited Navarro-Montes from Aihatanejo, Mexico to face charges. Also in February 2009 Navarro-Montes was formally charge with another previous offense he was “charged with possession with intent to distribute 980 pounds of marijuana in September 2007.”

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