Merry Christmas!! Jong-il!!!

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    If you ever get a chance to take a look at the nighttime satellite images of the Korean Peninsula, you'll notice a startling difference between the two Koreas. In the North, only Pyeongyang and its surrounding areas show up as dim spots whereas the South is brightly lit all over - an example of the economic barrier that exists between the two Koreas.

    The South erected a giant steel Christmas tree at Aegibong, located near the northwestern border with North Korea, in an attempt to create the Christmas mood for patrolling South Korean soldiers and nearby North Korean citizens to enjoy. However, this isn't a mere religious activity nor a voluntary service for North Korean citizens. Rather, it marks the South's commencement of a new propaganda war against the North.

    The iron fist rule of the North's Kim dynasty will start to stumble as the successes of the Western World is revealed to the North, and the North Korean regime will eventually collapse as the propaganda war continues. There is no doubt that the North Korean officials are now regretting their shelling of Yeonpyeong Isles, which brought about stern responses from the South. Maybe the North underestimated the South a bit too much.
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