Melania/Ali: Gender-Diary (Ark)

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    This is a gender-conscience vignette inspired by The Contender.




    American girls were collecting stickers, magnets, and other novelty-merchandise from the iconic 1980s consumerism-confetti fantasy-drama youth-consciousness program Jem (about an idealistic group of young female rock musicians called Jem and the Holograms endowed by a magical muse named Synergy and contending with a nefarious anti-social group of young female rock musicians called the Misfits in a consumerism-hypnotized America). Jem was quite iconic/popular in its heyday, but it was now seeing a resurgence in popularity thanks to a live-action Hollywood (USA) film-adaptation(!). Suddenly, Jem-fever was back (and during 'TrumpUSA')!


    An Algerian named Ali living in America and doing research on pedestrian reactions to 9/11 noticed all this 'Jem-craze' and wanted to interview American girls about what they thought regarding media-presentations of 'gender-imagination.' Ali remembered the intriguing days of the revolutionary Muslim group the FLN vying with the French government in Algeria to achieve an oppression-ending liberation from colonialization. The FLN were then recruiting handfuls of Algerian/Muslim women to work as smugglers, message-carriers, and even weapons-transporters for 'the cause.' Ali compered the folk-stories of these daring FLN-women with the American consumerism-candy marketing of this newfound film-inspired 'Jem-craze.'


    Ali decided the best person to interview for this special 'case-study' would be none other than U.S. First Lady Melania Trump, a 'diplomat' of modern-media traffic and 'commerce customs.' After all, her husband, President Donald Trump, was a casino-mogul in Atlantic City before turning to formal politics. Ali arranged an interview with Melania after he successfully convinced White House PR-representatives that he was a student doing gender-sociology research for Algeria. Melania had overheard her husband, President Trump, talk about America's newfound interest in working with Algeria, since Algeria was developing radical wind-energy farms at an incredible rate. Melania decided to take the Ali-interview to 'complement' her husband's new initiatives in Algeria(!).


    ALI: Do you feel like a 'trophy-wife,' Mrs. Trump?
    MELANIA: Media/commerce creates 'tabloids.'
    ALI: Do you feel like a true 'modernism diplomat,' Mrs. Trump?
    MELANIA: Magazines are sometimes flattering (and sometimes not!).
    ALI: What is your opinion of Jem?
    MELANIA: That's a delightful 'consumerism-themed' girls' program.
    ALI: Yes, and now it's a full-length film.
    MELANIA: Oh, maybe Jem-merchandising will resurge!
    ALI: I did research on women in Algerian politics.
    MELANIA: So, you're comparing Algerian gender with American gender.
    ALI: Exactly; do you think Christian/American women are more...independent?
    MELANIA: Western (non-Muslim) women have to evaluate Wall Street.
    ALI: I find that the 'sociology of gender' can reveal 'bureaucratic hypocrisies.'
    MELANIA: I simply want to support my husband's work with capitalism-treaties!
    ALI: Perhaps you will consider how women in sports (Olympics) represent diplomacy.
    MELANIA: I agree; Lindsey Vonn (American skier) is a media-diplomat, I think!
    ALI: Thanks for this interview; I will continue studying Jem and also PyeongChang!
    MELANIA: Come back to the White House for a summer BBQ with the President.


    Ali returned to Algeria and began watching rerun episodes of the iconic justice-fantasy cartoon series Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs on YouTube (on his handy-dandy smartphone!). Ali decided that to negotiate gender with media in the modern world, one had to evaluate all kinds of social perspectives on civics courage, justice idealism, and commerce aesthetics. He was pleased he was able to interview U.S. First Lady Melania Trump about these important 'modernism fears' and concerns and considered the possibility that etiquette-themed programs such as Saber Rider and Jem were new age 'totems' of pedestrian diplomacy. Ali still worried, however, that the Winter Games in PyeongChang would not avert the networking-threat of cynicism-catalyzed nuclear-warfare between America and North Korea (!).



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