McCain Finally Gets Something Right

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    It took awhile, but a Republican is finally speaking up about the Defeatocrats and confronting them head on

    McCain rips Democrats for 'defeatism'
    By Stephen Dinan
    July 14, 2007

    John McCain, fresh off a trip to Iraq, attacked Democrats yesterday for a "choose to lose" approach to the war, as the Arizona senator tries to find common ground with the Republican primary voters who have deserted him in recent months.

    "Defeatism will not buy peace in our time," Mr. McCain said in a speech in New Hampshire. It was his first major campaign event since he announced dismal second-quarter fund-raising efforts and his two top national-campaign operatives resigned and took other staffers with them out the door.

    In an interview on New Hampshire Public Radio, Mr. McCain said he is retooling and plans to spend more time campaigning in the three early-contest states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina to try to make up in legwork what he cannot do through spending, since his campaign will report it is close to going into the red.

    By contrast, Mr. McCain's two top declared opponents for the Republican nomination yesterday filed their quarterly forms with the Federal Election Commission showing each still has plenty of money in the bank.

    "We spent too much money, we didn't do a lot of things we should have done, and those are my responsibilities," Mr. McCain said in the radio interview. "We had to obviously change course, try to improve the situation both financially and in other ways, slim down our staff and move forward, and do the kinds of campaigning that won me the [New Hampshire] primary in 2000."

    He also retooled his immigration pitch, saying since his calls for a broad bill to include citizenship rights for illegal aliens failed, he now supports moving forward on smaller pieces, such as border security and an agriculture worker program.

    "Maybe step by step so that people have some confidence that we will do it in the right way," Mr. McCain said in the radio interview.

    The senator spent most of this week in Washington working on the defense bill as the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

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