Marxiosts, Dems, and the HUGE Bro Rupugs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jaffeh, Jan 13, 2012.

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    Nov 18, 2011
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    We boomers grew up in a unique time in history. People, average ones, lived well.

    Never much happened before the fifties and sixties. But people did live well.

    Why? No good bastard socialist worker rabble rowser workers were fed up with working in factories for most of the day for puke wages. They revolted. They died. They said NO, we will NOT be screwed.

    And they won! Workers got stuff like, um, NOT pay for no work but liveable pay for honest work. UNIONS gave all of us that little thing along with vacation and sick time.

    Unions did. Not socialists.

    Unions that didn't accept slave wages.

    But we're back there, thanks, repugs.

    I've worked hard for 33 years teaching. I have twenty grand in the bank and two questionable and diminishing retirement policies, maybe a hundred grand all told.

    I have not pushed my liberal views on any students. There's no time.

    I push English et al.

    Fifty years ago a teacher, like my dad, had a retirement. Other workers did too.

    Guess what folks. Most of us now do not. Republicans called such things "socialism."

    If you are a repug, you agreed.
    And we're not even talking health care.

    My plan is good. Actually I have two.

    If I am still working and go broke, and it could happen, don't EVEN ask me about today, I will unbuckle my seat belt and hit my school at ninety.

    If I am laid off, I will sit in my recliner for good. Won't get up. For anything.

    Will die. But I will write some stuff to leave behind.

    If you are a worker and vote repug on some abortion shit, look at your dead future.
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    Thank you for your post. To many people dismiss unions entirely, which would be foolish. Unions were the backbone of the civil rights movements for many decades. Universal suffrage would not have been successful, were it not the support of the unions.

    I think it would be a great day in America if workers would form more unions. Why do not wal-mart workers form a union? Why dont cooks for a union? I think everyones standard of living would rise with more unions.

    My only bone with unions is the special treatment they receive from government. I believe unions should operate of there own merit, without special treatment. While they are a collective body of people they are not a collective body of special people. They deserve no rents from government.

    As always it comes down to the 'do for me' mentality of the Liberal. If they would actually get off there ass instead of crying with there hand out they would get alot more respect.

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