Marine Double Amputee Taunted In Charlotte Grill

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    Sin City
    by Herschel Smith @ The Captain's Journal » Marine Double Amputee Taunted In Charlotte Grill

    From The Charlotte Observer (via WCNC): Marine amputee taunted at south Charlotte grill | Charlotte

    The owner of a south Charlotte restaurant says he is “heartbroken” over an incident Sunday in which bantering between football fans got out of control, resulting in a U.S. Marine who lost both legs in Afghanistan being forced to leave the eatery with his wife, parents and friends.

    Chris Neilsen, owner of the Moosehead Grill on Montford Drive, has been in contact with family members of Marine Garrett Carnes, of Mooresville, following the incident that Neilsen says “was awful.”

    “I want to somehow make it right by them,” Neilsen says.

    Read the entire story and share the disgust I feel that ANYBODY would treat one of our heroes that way.

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    Looks like typical bonehead football machismo to me, and doesn't look like it had anything to do with the veteran status of the Marine. There was nothing in either of the articles that indicated that it was about his service to our country or even that the Panthers fans had any knowledge of it. It looks like they were just being typical belligerent "team" fans to me.

    If the proprietor wants to try and make it right, then by all means he should, but that's how rabid football fans act. I'm a vet, and I see nothing in those stories that indicate the victimization of a poor veteran, if that's what the OP is trying to suggest.

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