MA Police Investigate “Mean” Texts From Winning Basketball Team

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    The sentence that makes this story stupid is “Police are investigating.”

    OK, so sending mean texts to your opponents is “mean.” And while the MIAA says there’s no athletic violation here, it probably breaks some school rule at St. Mary’s or, at the very least, a team rule. So let the school or the coach punish them.

    Ah, but this is Massachusetts, where the ONLY reaction is OVER reaction. So of course it’s a crime and kids are going to get stuck with criminal records, all over a pre-game stunt.

    The best punishment, of course, would be for Manchester Essex to beat St. Mary’s, but St. Mary's did win, 81-49, and played for the North sectional title Friday night. That score again: 81-49. A real squeaker. Boy, those text messages must have really worked!

    Kids will be kids, and it’s the job of their parents, teachers and coaches to discipline them. NOT the judicial system and the courts.

    And it wouldn’t hurt if the whining administrators at Manchester Essex to grow a set...
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