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    Turn your passion or academic research into compelling stories about political figures throughout history. Make them come alive for readers around the world – and help launch one of the Internet’s newest social networks.

    We're building a Wikipedia-like archive of human relationships, and we're looking for great writers. We can’t compensate you (at least not now), but you will get all the guidance you can stand from an experienced editor. You will learn how to be a better writer.

    · You love to tell stories – at parties, with your hands, on the phone, in line at a movie
    · You have a passionate interest in politics, history, or for historical figures – they need not be famous, but it’s up to you to show the world why they’re important
    · You can commit a small amount of time or lots of time – but you finish what you start

    Humor, wit, and compassion for your subject matter

    To Apply:
    Send us a story or brief writing sample (300-800 words), a description of your experience (resume or brief bio), and your contact information.

    About Us:
    We're a startup company that's hoping to change the way history, biography, and social connections are recorded and understood. We're fun to work with and have a great office in San Francisco if you sometimes need a place to get things done. But you can work from anywhere.

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