Listening to Music or song during Ramzan is SIN or Blessing

Discussion in 'Religion and Ethics' started by sharif, Aug 12, 2011.

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    I want to spread my knowledge to all Muslims followers belong to any sect, why people often listening Music and songs specially in the holy month of Ramzan to get relax when you are in fasting. Normal day listening to music and songs is Harram than how it is possible than it become allowable in they holy month of Ramzan.

    I must say music and songs always remain sin and harram when a person listen in normal days if he is listening in Holy month of Ramzan than definitely his sin ratio is increase and same way deserve God punishment.

    I request to all religion scholars to debate and give 5 minutes sermon specially on Friday regarding what is worst sin is listening to music and songs and if anyone knows and plus realized what punishment he has to face never come across or listen music or song for a while.

    I must say those who are keeping fasting and plus listening to music or song do not keep fasting but remain hungry. No spiritual benefit received and only making struggle and pain to remain hungry but not fasting according to God.

    If anyone who still listening Music and Songs or watching movies please stop in the holy month of Ramzan and after that control how you can reduce to watch movies or listening music or songs which is a great degree of sin and no one can skip from God punishment.

    I must say in last one can get Heaven by the performance according to Islamic teaching and God wishes and if any one walk opposite side of God desire and dream to reach heaven only keep fasting and no other rules followed making a mistake.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )
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    I remember when eating meat on FRidays was a sin for Roman Catholics, too.

    Apparently God changed his mind about that.
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    Dear Sharif: If the point of fasting is to focus on true spiritual needs apart from material gratification, then it could be that music defeats this purpose or it could be that music helps someone to meditate on God. It really depends what that person is doing which makes it consistent or inconsistent with the purpose of Ramadan.

    In general, if the devotion of fasting becomes some kind of "test" or "condition" to please God or get into heaven, that is already materialistic and seems to defeat the purpose.

    The point is to let go of the focus on material worldly desires and gratification, and to focus instead spiritually on the nature and relationship with God, purely from God and not outside sources. Not on trying to do worldly things which are deluded by self.

    I pray that if anyone should listen to music it should be to focus on how we can improve our spiritual relations between God and humanity. Music is a gift of creativity from God, an ability to share inspiration with others, so yes it should be to uplift and help people.

    It can be a very holy thing when used to its fullest capacity.

    Thank you for sharing and Peace be unto you
    Ramadan Kareem
    Asalaam alaikum

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