Libertarian View: Isolationism

Discussion in 'Israel and Palestine' started by pbel, Aug 17, 2012.

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    I honestly don't care what the Arabs and Israeli's do to each other! We have tried to be honest brokers now we are paying the price for supporting Israel and its atrocities against Muslims!

    I'm an American First!

    It just seems like Americans are caught in the middle of this great conflict and the result is young Americans are dying in Iraq because of it!

    Sooner or later the "Shitty little country" as the French Foreign Minister called it will nuke the Muslims and the Muslims will nuke them back!

    Israel and her people will never give back or go back to the pre-67 borders as the civilized world demands.

    Greed is king! They think because they preemptively attacked the stick and stone army of the Arabs they now are the conquerors and get to keep their spoils!

    Conquest is a transitory thing...just look at the world's maps and the rise and fall of empires.

    The unfortunate consequence of our implicit support of the Israeli terror on the Palestinians has made Americans targets for terrorists all over the world. Including the attack on the WTC on 9/11!

    The reason for this acquiescence is the simple corruption and prostitution of our entire political system because 4 billion in aid to Israel each year, some of it comes back as political contributions through AIPAC, controlled by Dual citizenship American/Israeli contributors.

    US Senator McCain of Arizona has publicly admitted thus in his own case and supports Campaign finance reform laws to loosen the grip of these Israeli foreign and domestic controllers!

    There are too many Israeli/American supporters who are using their wealth, organization, and control of mass media in this country to spin their agenda! These questionable dual citizens own the American Press. But Spin is not reality and Americans in the recent Gallup Poll indicated the dislike of Israeli terrorism.

    You can only spin so long and 3,000 Americans dead at the WTC may be waking us up from the stupor created by Israel and her American/Israeli dual citizenship supporters!

    The hateful propaganda posted by most of the Israeli/Jewish supporters have shown me a dimension I never thought existed in the Jewish people. I suppose with all the persecution in the past by the Gentiles has made them hate everybody!

    This pent up hate fuels this conflict.

    The Pals don't stand a chance in the press even though they are the victims of these Nazi like Israeli storm troopers who shoot children for sport just like in the movie Shindeler's list!

    The problem in America is to free ourselves from this control and replace it with a system where our politicians aren't coerced with threats and bought with money and put America First!

    E-mail the President to thank him for signing Campaign Finance Reform into Law. Repeal All Dual Citizenship Laws next!
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    lots of constipated old jerks rant the shitty little libertarian party line. For more libertarian eructations-----visit your local junkyard or metal scavengers yard--------bring six six packs of six packs------and a few jugs of home brew and your collection of iron crosses that you bought at the flea market

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