Letter and Emaikls to Chuck Hagel, Mayor Bloomberg, and Bill Richarson

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    I have just sent the following letter (plus EMAILS) to the aforementioned. If you agree, please follow suit. In my opinion, it would be the best thing for this country.

    (I have Xed out my Address and telepone Numbers in this copy, for security reasons)

    Senator Chuck HAGEL
    248 Russell Office Bldg
    Washington DC, 20510

    with copies to:
    Governor Bill RICHARDSON Office of the Governor
    490 Old Santa Fe Trail RM 400
    Santa Fe, NM., 87501

    Mayor Michael BLOOMBERG. City Hall,
    New York City, NY. 10007


    This leter is addressed to Senator Hagel, but considering it's content, I would ask he Governor, and the Mayor to please read and consider what I have to say:

    Dear Senator:

    I am begging you,---pleading that you will throw your hat in the ring as an independant third party candidate for President. I realize that many people beleive that a third party candidate is simply a "Spoiler" and has no real chance of winning. I am seventy-eight years young, and for the first time, I beleive that the general concensus is DEAD WRONG.
    I firmly beleive that there are enough people out there who are fed up with both parties, and have no desire to vote for ANY of the present frontrunners. I am certainly one of them. ( In fact , of the whole slate of announced Cadidates, Governor Richardson is the ONLY one whom Whom I could preserntly favor with my vote).
    With a concentrated Grass roots campaign, I beleive that any two of the three of you could win the general election.

    Senator, I don't know this for a fact, but I am not alone in beleiving that one of the reasons that you have decided NOT to run for another term as Senator. is to leave the door open for a possible run for the presidency (or Veep) Further, I beleive you have stated (perhaps tongue-in-cheek) that you would even consider changing parties, and consider a Veep position as a Democrat. If true, it tells me that you are not quite a partisan Republican. but are perhaps as fed up with the Repubican party as many of your associates. (You seem to have so stated)

    I would be content with voting for any of the three, and regardles of which was the candidate for President, and which for VEEP.

    As for myself, I am retired, and free as a bird -time wise, and would happily take the position of "local" chaiman of your election Campaign, or act otherwise in any capacity you would desire.

    I am: Donald W Keniston

    and am at your disposal

    Very Sincerely,

    Donald W Keniston

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