Let's charge welfare to require self betterment

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ScienceRocks, Oct 21, 2012.

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    The Good insane United states of America
    I think we as a society must ban welfare for all abled bodied people as a long term option, except the
    1# Elderly
    2# Disabled

    When someone is on unexployment they should be either doing college(or trade school) or a internship. Our system needs to be redesigned to focus on getting people back to work. Once you're done with the internship, the business should be required to give you first in line at a job.

    No more sitting around on one's ass for years should be allowed for able bodied human beings. We as a nation can't afford it and it's wrong for the taxpayers. We should instead invest in them with college or the businesses should be willing to open up internships.

    The people that need the education the most and need a job are the poor. We must build the bridge from poor to middle class through education.

    Sure we can help people but not without requiring more skills. A hybrid system that cares for its people, but wants to improve them.

    Believe me, we're already forced to shell out tens of billions in student aid. True under this it will likely expand some, but with the more skilled workforce and lower unemployment=bigger economy to pay for it.

    We want economic growth and lower employment rates. Right?
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    I don't entirely disagree with the concept, but a big paet of the problem here in Finland anyway is that the unemployed are often well educated and highly skilled.

    We've had a lot of lay-offs from banks, insurance companies and IT firms, and those people are middle class, they want to work and are already well trained.

    In a town with 10% unemployment, very often there simply are no job vacancies for decent hard-working people. Fifty people apply for each job that opens up.

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