Leftist Scum Cartoon Ridicules Combat Wounded Con Canditate and Backfires bigtime

Discussion in 'Military' started by teapartysamurai, Jul 21, 2010.

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    Cartoon Ridicules Combat-Wounded Veteran Congressional Candidate, and Backfires - Big Government

    It's impossible to tell the whole story without quoting too much and getting myself in hot water, but it's pretty obvious the left tried their lowest smear. To belittle his appearance because he was wounded in Falujah. The left are the lowest of the low when it comes to scum.

    One more quote says a lot:

    The left see their feifdom over the US being threatened and they are pulling out all the stops. Lying, smearing and even attacked wounded vets.

    They have no decency, they have no morals, and they have no shame.


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