Left Ends Austerity Immediately! Oil Prices Drop! Hoarding MS Research Funds Out(?)!

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    The planet now has a fresh look a the efficacy of Left-Leaning Civilization! Oil Prices Drop, Gas pump prices soon to follow: After real humanity has voted!

    Oil prices fall for a 5th day, down 2 percent - BusinessWeek

    The Mitt Romney family famously hoards all their money instead of funding MS research. Cold Cereal may be able to be spread around to the families, following the policy of the Romneys. Money purchasing power however, originating from credit, is not allowed to be used even at the federal Level! Even GOP Senate is opposed to all further spending! GOP in the House and Senate did say "No!" to spreading some around. Mostly the Ivy League intended the teachers and bureaucrats to be included as "The One Percent." A great bulk of it got spread around, to just a tiny few among the population.

    So Tea Party is opposed to all further spending(?)! No spending even in the stores somehow follows, among some people.

    RNC famously drove the United States to near default: Clearly knowing nothing about the money!

    "Austerity" famously became just another name for "hoarding," understanding the tendency for economies to raise income a fixed percentage. The rich get richer, and keep the money. The poor get poorer with relatively less to further spend. Most recently, the rich houses all came tumbling down!

    Now from France: No more Hoarding! Now From Greece: No More Hoarding! It's not actually the keeping of it that is the problem. It is the failure to spread it around that is the problem. First, anyone notices that the people have to take their credits back, from the rich!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Indeed, many without even reservations(?): Now allowed onto Lands of Many Nations!)
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