Kids Attacked with Cars and Knives -- Time to Ban Cars and Knives?

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    Last week a man deliberately drove his car into a group of middle school students, injuring 13, some of them seriously (to include fractured skulls).

    Two weeks ago another man used a kitchen knife and went on a stabbing spree and wounded 23 students at an elementary school, some of them seriously.

    More on these stories here:

    BEIJING: Chinese man drives car into students, injuring 13 - World Wires -

    Both of these cases occurred in China, where private gun ownership is illegal.

    And then there is the Osaka School Massacre in Japan in 2001, where a man killed 8 students and seriously wounded 13 others with a kitchen knife. Private gun ownership is illegal in Japan. More on this massacre:

    Osaka school massacre

    Is it time to ban cars and knives?

    More people are killed in car accidents in the U.S. than are killed in deliberate and accidental shootings, by far. If we're really concerned about saving lives, we should ban private car ownership and expand public transportation so that no one would need a car.
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