Keystone jobs

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    The real numbers.[TransCanada chief executive Russ] Girling said Friday that the 13,000 figure was "one person, one year," meaning that if the construction jobs lasted two years, the number of people employed in each of the two years would be 6,500. That brings the company's number closer to the State Department's; State says the project would create 5,000 to 6,000 construction jobs, a figure that was calculated by its contractor Cardno Entrix. Well there you go. Straight from the source. Obama and the Republicans are all full of crap. It sure is not worth the risks. It already has had 14 leaks are you freaking crazy. Head engineers are coming out against it. It is the most toxic substance on earth. 16 times more toxic than crude being pumped over the largest natural water source. 16 billion dollar agriculture and millions of peoples drinking water at risk. A spill happened in 2 years ago and they still can not clean it up. If you are for this you are insane. If the government pass it they need to knock down every foot they put up. It is worth going to jail over. I hope we come up with a new source of energy soon so we can stop big oils exploitation of the world.
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