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    The Washington Journal sometimes has the most informed and interesting guests... BUT this morning there was a poet quoting a bit regarding the Gods being dead and the sacrificial blood of men are being shed in vain. Ken called in on the Democrat line.

    I don't know if the biggest rift between the parties is lack of belief/faith... Ken had provoked thought in his moment on aire....

    There was another caller not too long afterward... a thick tongued man that called in on the Democrat line who simply asked why the woman hostess was there and why there could not ever be a Democrat Host/ess that Democrats could call in and talk with... He also stated that she looked Republican.


    The Washington Journal is the one place I have always felt assured to get the best information straight from the mouths of the people directly involved in what is happening behind the curtains in Washington. I like that they allow callers their time, sometimes it is the callers that make the 'show' what it is. However, there are also callers that make me cringe with airing how obviously oblivious some of 'us' are.

    If more called in and quoted scripture, poetry... verses of any kind... that may be a far more effective thought provoker than any who call in with specific (usually misinformed) arguments.

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