Katrina - New Orleans - Let it go.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rdean, Oct 16, 2009.

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    Watching the Republicans on Morning Joe was a hoot. Day after day, they complain that Obama has spent too much money. This morning, they complain that Obama hasn't spent enough money on a city that is more than 80% BELOW SEA LEVEL.

    Ok, it may sound harsh, it may sound cruel. I think New Orleans needs to be "filled" in and rebuilt someplace ABOVE sea level.

    Build all the walls you want. In the next couple of years, another Katrina will come along and the same thing will happen.

    Sorry people, the French Quarter, the iron work, it's all nice, but it's BELOW SEA LEVEL in hurricane path. Not a good place to be.

    The shocker was the Republicans, "Stop spending money on roads and bridges, but do spend it on a city BELOW SEA LEVEL".

    Joe said, "If this were Dallas or any other city, it would have been rebuilt". Ok, HOW can you compare Dallas to a city BELOW SEA LEVEL??
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    Boy the Dems sure have beat that Katrina horse to death at this point. I see they're actually dredging it up again for some more possible political points. Milking Katrina again? Yikes! Pretty sad & pathetic at this point. Shame on them.
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