Jury finds 5 NOPD officers GUILTY in2005 Danziger Bridge Massacre!

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    5 NOPD officers guilty in post-Katrina Danziger Bridge shootings, cover-up | NOLA.com
    At long last, nearly 6 years later, JUSTICE IS FINALLY SERVED on these pathetic pieces of shit. I'm sure the judge will not be lenient, and although nothing can make up for the innocent lives they took and the life long injuries - physical and mental - they inflicted on the other civilians - or their attempted framing of an innocent man for attempted murder of a cop - or their attempted coverup of their heinous act - I think the Crescent City will rest a little bit easier knowing these worthless excuses for humans will be spending decades rotting away in prison like the putrid piles of waste they are. We should all say a prayer for their victims and a prayer for all the families this has destroyed (including the pigs families), and after that - celebrate the verdict!!!!
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