Jugement about the Italian soccer's shame

Discussion in 'Sports' started by padisha emperor, Jul 15, 2006.

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    Today, the Sport Law Court gives its jugement about the scandal in the italian soccer championship.

    4 clubs, the most famous (with AS Roma), were concerned.

    Here is the decision :

    Milan AC : stays in 1st division, but with 15 points of handicap, and no Champions League.

    Lazzio Roma : goes down in 2nd division, 30 points of handicap

    Fiorentina : goes down in 2nd division, 30 points of handicap

    Juventus of Torino : goes down in 2nd division, 30 points of handicap, and looses its 2 last titles of Italia's champion (The Juve is the actual champion 2006, or, to be exact, was, since this decision).


    Didier Deschamps, world champion 1998 and Europe champion 2000 with France (France's team captain at this time), the new coach of the Juve, wants to bring the club up to the 1st division (he is able, he already lead the AS Monaco, french club - Monaco plays in the French championship - to the final of the Champions League, 2 years ago I believe.

    It's very hard for this clubs, particularly for the Juve.
    But the shame and the scandal was very very very heavy too.

    Good for Italia to have won the WC, because if France whould have won it, Italia soccer would have been in a deep deep shit.

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