Judge Roberts needs your help to be confirmed

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    Tonight, President Bush named John G. Roberts Jr. as his nominee to the Supreme Court. Why did he make the announcement during prime time? The President took his pick straight to the American people before a fight breaks out in Washington, because he wants you involved in this battle. Townhall has the way to do it.

    It is very rare that regular Americans get to make an impact on the composition of the highest court in the land. You can make a difference now with just a few minutes and the click of a mouse.

    By putting your signature on Townhall’s petition, you can join thousands of other Townhall readers dedicated to putting a judicial conservative on the Court—a conservative who will faithfully interpret the Constitution and the laws of our country without legislating from the bench. Judge Roberts is that person.

    Now is a historic opportunity for conservatives to tip the balance of the Court in their favor. Replacing a swing vote like Sandra Day O’Connor with a solid conservative could make a difference in our everyday lives for years to come. As the recent Kelo v. New London property-rights decision showed, Supreme Court decisions can hit us right where we live. Putting someone on the Court with respect for the Constitution is vital to protecting your rights from activist judges in the future.

    Tell your Senators that you want President Bush’s nominee to get the fair and dignified hearing, debate, and vote he deserves by signing our petition. Senate Republicans must stand up to Democratic leadership bent on filibustering and liberal special-interest groups throwing all their resources into attacking the nominee. They need to know you’re behind them.

    This is a time when you must be heard.

    Make no mistake about it—those opposed to a conservative nominee will be working overtime to defeat Judge Roberts

    • The liberal National Organization of Women has been putting out its extremist message that a conservative nominee would mean the “list of lives cut short (by illegal abortions) could grow to include our daughters, sisters, mothers, best friends, wives, partners, granddaughters and other special women and girls...”

    • MoveOn.org, heavily funded by George Soros and his liberal friends, has been claiming the President is poised to nominate an “extremist,” and raised $1.3 million to fight Judge Roberts before he was even nominated.

    • Americans Coming Together thinks its causes are being threatened by an “extremist Republican agenda.”

    The temptation for Senators will be to play politics with the judiciary, as these interest groups want them to. But the Senate has a duty to ensure the confirmation of Judge Roberts before the start of the October 3 Supreme Court session. Just as the Senate did when President Clinton nominated ACLU alumna Ruth Bader Ginsburg, they should put partisanship aside and overwhelmingly support Judge Roberts, who is clearly qualified for the position.

    Now is the time to be heard. Help protect our Constitution for years to come.

    Click here and make sure your voice is heard: http://www.townhall.com/action/ProtectOurConstitution2.html
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