Judge helps make females alcoholics!!

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    To me this is a non-issue. Reminds me of grad females taking over a males restroom in collage because their closest restroom was one floor below. My My!! That included ripping out the urnals & redesigning the room. Cough!!! $$:lol:

    A judge rules that gender-based discounts are not unconstitutional -- but is it really a victory for women?

    The women of New York get to continue to enjoy "Ladies Night" specials, thanks to a judge who earlier this week struck down a lawsuit alleging that attempts to attract chicks with discounted drinks are unconstitutional. It's a decision plenty will no doubt be toasting tonight -- but I fail to see this as a victory for femalekind.

    In the past, judges have ruled in similar cases across the country that "Ladies Nights" are A-OK. The legal argument is one thing -- and a very complicated thing at that -- but just how okay is it politically and philosophically?

    Clubs promote drink discounts to attract more women -- because that means more men will show up. I believe the technical term for this is: Sex sells. So, dudes end up paying full price for cover and drinks and, in many scenarios, they are essentially helping to pay the way of the female patrons. They are paying for lady-tainment, whether it's explicit or not. It's a lot like allowing a man to buy you a drink -- he is paying for your attention and time.
    The argument against ladies nights - Gender - Salon.com

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