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Discussion in 'Education' started by sam111, Feb 3, 2012.

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    I have many talents and many degrees.
    Basically have the ability with my background to do whatever I want.

    However my problem is I cann't seem to find a good site that lists all the companies and a short description what they are all about/ what they want to hire / have people working on.

    I have tried monster , career builder , ...etc sites but these don't necessarily give the complete all companies in a certain area .... (only available stuff... doesn't post everything their ...etc)

    I was wondering if their is a site out their that would allow me to select a state and it would list all the companies in it with a brief description of what they do/are about.

    Then I would like also the ability to select not only a state put a distance away from my address... so I could search for all companies with in 30 miles or 40miles of my places...etc

    next I would like the ability to search for available positions.

    and last I would like away to easily search for interesting research positions in the science/math/computer/electronics fields.

    I am more interested in knowing what is out their at first then knowing if it is available.
    After I find a job that fits me exactly I will try to get it my self regardless of if it is open or not.

    I am very interested in research and development (in a large broad science/math/computer fields)
    As well as love to learn and invent new creative things and work on unsolved stuff or improving new technology.

    I have many different degrees and certifications so I think I could fit into any field I have had experience in physics , math , sciences , engineering , math , computers , electronics , list goes on and on.

    Any help would be great in find a job I would enjoy...

    I even know how to start my own business but currently I don't really want to take up this much responsibility (and don't currently have the funding for it now even if I wanted to not to say some day I won't but not now)

    Question 2
    Is their any centralized website for looking up what companies exist in a state.
    For example if I want to list all the companies one could work for in a particular state how could i do this.
    Also list all the types of jobs in a particular state as well... i.e some way to get a list of all the types of jobs available and in what fields/services they provide/skills needed.
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    Monster, careerbuilder, Yahoo! HotJobs and the like are basically infested with recruiters. I wouldn't waste my time with them if I were you, other than to keep an updated résumé on it so you can be searched.

    As to how to find a list of companies hiring by a particular state, I don't know if it can be done. If you live in a metropolitan area though you might be able to find something if you Google "[city name] top 100 corporations" or variations of that. I did that and came up with such a list, put it on a spreadsheet, found the websites for each company, and applied directly to those companies. That yielded a lot more hits for me than Monster or careerbuilder did.

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