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    Jihad Correspondence
    Convicted terrorists should not be permitted to mail letters.

    On Monday, NBC broke the story that three of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers have been corresponding with members of the Spanish jihad cell(s) tied to the March 11 Madrid attacks. The letters appear to be exhortations to more acts of terror. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was questioned about this at a House Appropriations Committee hearing on Tuesday and indicated that an investigation is underway. The Justice Department investigators who are looking into this are very solid, and we can be confident that we'll find out what went wrong.

    In the near term, though, we have to be concerned that our intelligence officials (at least those of them who are involved in prison restrictions) have failed to learn a basic lesson that we should long ago have absorbed. Imprisoned jihadists, especially if they have been associated with a spectacular act of terrorism, achieve a status of immense esteem in the militant world.


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