Jesus Envy & Socialism

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    Comparing Hussein to Hitler is self-defeating. Every one of Hussein’s loyal followers admires Hitler, indeed, Hussein’s inner-circle admires every twentieth century totalitarian dictator. For another thing Hussein has a Teleprompter —— he does not have Hitler’s spontaneous charisma.

    There is one indisputable link between the two dictators; Hussein adopted Hitler’s blueprint for establishing a totalitarian government.

    Bishop Daniel R. Jenky does not say Hussein is Hitler reincarnate; nevertheless, the Bishop, along with many others, see Hitler’s blueprint in play. In one sense Hussein had more to work with than did Hitler:

    A totalitarian education system and a pack of collectivist social services were in place long before Hussein showed up. Hussein & Company imposing socialized medicine on the country completed the foundation page of Hitler’s blueprint. All of Hitler’s sure-to-come horrors will be built on that foundation. No resistence is expected to come from the fools who will go to their graves believing that a benign totalitarian is possible. By the time they realize the horrors are being planned for them it will be too late.

    The above is basically about politics. I want to elaborate on Bishop Jenky’s historical observation:

    Bishop Says Obama on Hitlerian Path
    Cliff Kincaid Wednesday, April 18, 2012

    Bishop Says Obama on Hitlerian Path

    First let me say that 2,000 years is a long time. It’s hard to imagine socialism/communism being around in the next century.

    The sad truth is: When socialism/communism is discarded another government religion will take its place. How can I be so sure? Answer: Totalitarian concepts will always curse mankind because envy is that facet of human nature that best expresses itself in government authority.


    Envy of Jesus Christ is what drives Socialists and socialism/communism. They hate every religion to be sure, but there is no other religion that Socialists/Communists despise more than they despise Christianity. The reason is clear. Communist dictators are sick with envy because they want to be worshiped like Jesus Christ. The same is true of every envious messiah who established a cult. Communism itself is a who’s who of cult leaders: Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and so on; each one challenging Jesus’ longevity —— not a one of them willing to die on the cross.

    Why single out Jesus when Socialists/Communists hate all religions except their own? There is no evidence that Socialists want to supplant Mohammad, or Moses, or Buddha, or Confucius, or Zoroaster, or Laozi, or Luther, et al., while they are determined to replace Jesus Christ in the hearts and minds of men. Ask yourself why that is? Envy is the only logical answer I can find.

    Aside from the obvious what is wrong with Socialism becoming the world’s dominant religion?

    Selflessness is the ideal in religion and government. Selfishness is the reality. The thing that separates religion and government is that religions thrive because they are supported voluntarily. (One exception is Islam’s theocracies, i.e, a blending of religion and government.)

    On the other side of the coin totalitarian government of every stripe can only survive by force. Even those governments that allow some liberty to exist must rely on taxation in order to perpetuate itself and support its necessary officials.

    In conclusion, let me repeat my oft-stated view of government and religion. Both will plague mankind until the end of time. The trick is to limit the size of government while keeping religion voluntary.

    The article I quoted was based on Bishop Jenky’s homily. Here is the link:

    The Catholic Post : Article - Full text of Bishop Jenky's homily at men's march and Mass
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