Its wake up time America

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    It is time for America to wake up. As a Nation we are in the worst recession in history I’m sick of saying the numbers the economy is in the crapper and President Obamas plan is to add more debt to solve it. This Idea worked so well in the first four years. President Obamas plan for an economic recovery was a failure

    Now let’s talk about foreign policy an Ambassador and three other Americans were killed in Libya over a you tube video not a terrorist attack. So the U.S Ambassador to the United Nations says on five different television shows that this video caused this attack. How stupid do they think we the American people are? A true message to President Obama Al-Qaida isn’t dead end they hate us more than ever.

    To stand before the American people and say Al-Qaida is on its heels we ended the Iraq war Bin Laden is dead and were ending the Afghanistan war our foreign policy is fine is a bunch of crap. President Obamas campaign has at times called Governor Romney’s campaign out of touch. President Obama is way out of touch to the point of oblivious.

    In closing I could wright all day about President Obamas failure as the President of the United States but I won’t. Please America wake up out your nap and end this misery of President Obama and his failed policies. This is the most important election in years and we can’t wait four more years to solve our problems. By then it will be way too late

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