It's time for the Dems to give Obama the boot!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Richard-H, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Since Obama has been President, the Repugs have out manuveured him, out negotiated him, and out bluffed him.

    He caves in on everything!

    First, while forcing healthcare reform, at a time when the economy should have been the priority issue, he caved in on both the single-payer program and the public option. He gave us a healthcare program based on G.W. Bush's proposed program. Nobody knows if it's good or bad for sure, because it won't really start until 2014. Certainly nothing that anyone can wholeheartedly defend. He also allowed the repugs to make political hay out of it big-time - the result was that the Dems lost the House.

    Next, he caved in by allowing the Bush Tax cuts to extend. The Repugs threatened to do the unthinkable - refusing to extend unemployment - and he just fell for their bluff. There was no way that the Repugs weren't going to extend unemployment. They'd pay a huge political price - and then have to extend it.

    Now, once again, the Repugs bluffed and he fell for it. The Repugs have a lot more to lose by not extending the debt ceiling - they wouldn't have the balls. But he went for it. He always could have invoked the 14th amendment - his one 'ace in the hole', but he was very quick to make it known that he won't do it. Once again, his idea of compromise means - caving in to the Repugs.

    It's especially bad, becuase the Tea Party should have been made to suffer a humiliating defeat just for the extortion tactics that they used. They're tactic of convincing everyone that they're insane and are willing to destroy the country if they don't get their way is B.S. and no President should stand for it.

    So what's the point in having a Democratic President when he caves in on everything? He talks the talk, but when push comes to shove, he caves - and the Repugs know it.

    We ought to call him 'DINO the Caveman'!

    I think the grassroot Dems need to get together and make sure that this bag o' wind doesn't get the nomination!

    As long as the Repug field stays as pitiful as it now is, there are a lot of Dems that would have an equal shot at winning the election.
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    It's time we threw the whole fucking bunch of 'em out. If only you fucking partisans would wake up and smell the fucking coffee instead of blinding voting for these corrupt bastards.

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