It's policy and personal: Romney hammered on taxes

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Nova78, Aug 10, 2012.

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    It's policy and personal: Romney hammered on taxes | Political Headlines | Comcast

    Democrats are growing increasingly confident that a two-pronged tax attack on Republican Mitt Romney — one part policy, one part personal — will help President Barack Obama lure pivotal support from middle class voters.

    Led by Obama, the Democrats are going after Romney for seeking to protect tax cuts for the wealthy and for refusing to release more information on the taxes he pays on his personal fortune.

    Democrats say both public and private polls suggest the double-barreled focus on taxes is giving Obama an edge in the race. The strategy also gives the president an avenue to campaign on the economy — the top issue for voters — while steering clear of talking about the nation's high unemployment.

    Three months before the election, national polls show Obama with a slight lead. And Romney will spend the coming weeks — starting Saturday with a bus tour — trying to change the trajectory of the race. In recent days, he's gone on the offensive by criticizing Obama on welfare, making his own play for middle class voters, after months of taking heat from Democrats.

    Republicans reject the notion that Romney's $5 trillion tax cut proposal could hurt him in the fall. But some party operatives acknowledge that he is being damaged by declining to release more than two years of his own tax returns.

    Obama is starting to worry,looks like a savage ,shit any fuck stick can borrow and spend and thats all he has done for the last 3.5 years....

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    There isn't much that the Governor can say about it except to come off as wishing to conceal and obfuscate. The attacks by the Obama campaign and his supporters are devastating only because the Governor is letting them be devastating.

    As my old debate team leader once said, debates are not often won on who is more convincing but by which side of the argument has more targets available for exploitation. If you take a look at the Romney Campaign; it is basically one target after another. The Obama Campaign has even more targets of opportunity than the Governor does. The problem Romney faces is that he doesn't understand that in the mind of most of the voters; he's not qualified to take the shots because he's "obviously" hiding something on his side of the ledger. The other problem he faces is that the incumbent, President Obama, has qualified himself to ask the questions.

    I mean, if you're on this board; you pretty much know who the knuckleheads are and you discount their statements. If the identical statement is made by someone you trust or have found to be a sage in the past, you give the same statement more weight.

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