It was a simpler time ...

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    It was time when top posts were composed in paragraphs ... when people could express themselves without a mindless link or flame. No, no, way before then ...

    It was a time of national dyspepsia. The White House had been occupied by a man who came to office without the experience to do the job well. So, he did the job badly. He campaigned that the nation deserved more of him. He campaigned that he deserved four more years to make the nation better. The nation, he explained, was sick. He was right, we were. We were collectively dyspeptic because his leadership failed us. The economy sucked. The global situation sucked. His efforts had been ham-handed and remarkably ineffective. His team was comprised of light-weights who collectively accomplished national embarassment and little else. His agenda for the next fours years was, specifically, that his opponent was no good.

    That president, Jimmy, was challenged by a guy who pulled no punches on the campaign trail. He blasted our dear Jimmy. He offered a clear, yawning difference between himself and Jimmy. Jimmy's team declared that guy was a fascist, and a war-monger, and a pawn of the nation's wealth interests.

    I believed them. I voted for Jimmy. I haven't voted for a presidential nominee from the Democratic party since. Nor will I next Tuesday.

    Lousy presidents make the competent ones seem that much better.

    I'm looking forward to January of 2013.

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