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    <center><h2><a href=>Bush military records destroyed</a></h2></center>

    <blockquote>Documents that could have decided a dispute over President George W Bush's days in the military 30 years ago have been destroyed, the Pentagon says.

    Microfilm containing the pertinent payroll records for the Texas-based Air National Guard had been damaged and could not be salvaged, it said.

    Democrats have accused the president of ducking the draft call to Vietnam in favour of less dangerous duties.

    The White House has released some records in a bid to refute the charges.

    <b>'No back-up copies'</b>

    The destroyed files included President Bush's pay records for two three-month periods in 1969 and 1972, a Department of Defence statement said.

    "Searches for back-up paper copies of the missing records were unsuccessful," it added.</blockquote>

    Well gosh...ain't that convenient. First, Poppy Bush gets him into the Texas Air Force (<i><b>those records have been sealed until hell freezes over</i></b>), then he goes AWOL, and then the records...simply...vanish.

    Firstly, in the vast bureaucracy that is military human resources, records don't simply get destroyed, and there are back-up copies of EVERYTHING. Secondly, you get a copy of your military records...everything...upon discharge, I still have mine and I was discharged over 20 years ago.

    You'd think that Dubbyuh, being groomed for GREAT THINGS, would have held onto those documents to prove what a true-blue action patriot hero he was. But nobody remembers him doing much of anything but drinking his brains out. Nor do they remember him during his "training" det to Alabama. Now you'd think that, given his current status as leader of the free world, he'd have all kinda folks just crawlin' outta the woodwork to claim him as a drinkin' buddy.But no, nobody has come forth, and a $10,000 reward for anyone who can verify his presence during that det goes unclaimed.

    So, I guess it's a good thing those records have conveniently vanished. I wouldn't do to have the C-in-C proven to be AWOL.

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