It is NOT Obama's fault that the IRS is NOT collecting $266 billion a year!!

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    I am the most avid, most critical of Obama's critics on this board...

    BUT I do NOT blame Obama for the FACT that starting in 2003 and increasing in 2004 through 2008 the US treasury was NOT able to collect nearly $266 billion a year in tax revenue!
    Everyone seems to be totally ignorant of these FACTs:
    1) that the bust
    a) created over $5 trillion in market losses.
    b) nearly a million jobs were lost
    2) Anyone remember 9/11/01?
    a) Cost $2 trillion in real market,property businesses lost, airlines closed 3 days! etc.
    b) nearly 500,000 jobs lost!
    3) $1 trillion for the worst hurricane seasons in history costing 500,000 jobs

    All of these $8 trillion in losses are being written off against taxable income every year!
    Why even Obama wrote off his 2011 income nearly $100,000 in long term losses and he can continue for 30 years!

    YET not one comment has been made. Not ONE story written about this nearly $267 billion a year in tax revenue losses!
    And then if 9/11 hadn't occurred and 90% of Americans WANTED revenge with Saddam being the easiest target since HE had been constantly breaking the 1991 Cease Fire.. we liberated Iraq overthrow Saddam and that was ALL done with less the $100 billion!
    So what cost $500 billion more and 3,000 more lives?
    TRAITORS in the MSM and Democrat party that DIDN"T want victory in iraq!
    That would rather more troops die and $500 billion be spent by their HELPING in encouraging the terrorists.. Encouraging with words like "War is Lost".. "US troops are cold blooded killers".. Or Obama's US troops "air-raiding villages - killing civilians"!
    Words like the above GAVE HOPE and encouragement to recruit more terrorists. Kill more US troops.

    BUT all of that again was NOT President' Bush's fault. Nor is the $267 billion in lost capital deductions against taxable income Obama's fault!

    SO where are the criticisms that the above FACTS are wrong?
    Prove to me that the bust/9/11/worst hurricane seasons didn't happen!
    Prove to me the $8 trillion in losses didn't occur!

    That prove to me these losses are NOT being written off against taxable income at the rate of $266 billion a year?
    Prove me wrong!

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