Is it "possible" that President Obama wants to weaken the United States?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bucs90, Apr 26, 2011.

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    Ok, this is an honest question. READ it carefully. Is it possible that President Obama wants to weaken the United States?

    Key word is "possible". The question is NOT "DOES he want to...." or "Is he trying to...". Only asking is it possible. Let me frame it for our slower liberal friends:

    - Are there people inside the USA, of 300,000,000, who would like to see a weakened United States? Yes. Of course there are, thats an easy answer. Many want to destroy us, overthrow the government, anarchists, etc, etc, etc.

    - Is it possible some of these people were patient enough to get into politics and government, and use that as a vessel to affect the change they desire? Sure. It's happened in governments worldwide, throughout history. It could happen here. it possible? Is it possible (not fact, just theoretically) that Barack Obama was raised through childhood and college with an attitude of dislike for the United States government and it's power? Is it possible that this attitude carried into adulthood, and into his activist and lawyer days? Is it possible that he still believes that, if he did?

    I think it's clearly possible that ANY person could hate America, and slowly disguise that feeling while rising through politics. Not Obama, just any random person. So, combine that clear possibility with all the clues in Obama's actions...and court he'd be found guilty of disliking America if I was a juror. Sorry.

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