Iraq is thirsty

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    Hello. This will be a thread where i will throw many numbers in, but it has to be to understand the whole topic.

    First the situation in Turkey:

    Turkey has a water potential of its rivers of 186 billion m3 yearly. Plus an underground water potential of 10 billion m3 yearly.
    The amount which falls through rain onto Turkish earth is another 501 billion m3 yearly.


    The above picture only shows Tigris and Euphrate the biggest rivers in the whole region. We have other major rivers in Turkey and we are not that really dependent on Euprates and Tigris, as Turkey currently uses only 36 % according to water ministry of its water-reccources.

    Turkey industrialized the Euprates in the last decades with Dams for agriculture and Hydro-plants for electricity. And Turkey came now in a position where 32 % of turkish electricty-preoduction comes from water.
    We are now in a position to wholly stop riverflow of Euphrates out of our boarders.

    But in 1987 Turkey signed with Syria an agreement where we guarantee them 260 m3 per second waterflow from the Euprates. Later Iraq joined the agreement and we guaranteed them a further 240 m3/second from Euprates.
    Turkey uses for itself only 500 m3/second of Euprates and the 500 m3/second which flows out of our boarders is shared by Syria and Iraq in a reliance of 52 : 48.

    This shows Turkish generosity. Because Euprates has a water potential of 38 Billion m3 annualy and this amount is being loaded to 88,2 % in Turkey, 11,8 % in Syria and 0 % in Iraq.

    On the Tigris river there are no such aggreements.
    The Tigris river has a regional water potential of 48 billion m3 annually and is the biggest river in the whole region. This potential is being loaded to 52 % in Türkey, 48 % in Iraq and 0% in Syria.

    Currently Turkey only uses 3 Billion m3 of Tigris river, and Iraq uses 45 Billion m3 of Tigris water. This makes a 94 % use of Iraq of Tigris, allthough Tigris water potential is only loaded to 48 % in Iraqi territory. This also shows Turkish generosity.

    Last week Turkey gave the start of the construction of the Ilisu-dam, which will be after the Atatürk-dam on the Euprates be the second biggest dam in Turkey. Plus we have another 8 small dam projects on Tigris.
    Ilisu-dam by itself only will dam up 11 Billion m3 of water annually, which is about 25 % of Tigris river potential in its regional (Turke, Iraq, Syria) potential.
    After we industrialized the Euprates in the last decades up till now, now it is Tigris' turn and Iraq will dry about 25 billion m3 of water annually in short term.
    And we will not make again a treaty on Tigris like we did in 1987 with Euprates.

    As i stated before, Turkey currenty only uses 36% of its whole water potential and we are not really dependent on industrializing the Tigris river.
    But our water ministry has a 21 billion $ investment plan to use 100% of turkish water potential up to 2030 to make Turkey the garten eden. And Tigris is the next step for this goal.

    Iraq will miss this water much, as it uses currently every litre of Tigris water which Turkey does not use.
    But times change and we will use this water which Iraq thinks it will forever flow into their territory in this amount. Ilisu-dam will be finished in 2011. And then we can sell them Iraqis Turkish water for big cash or if they don't behave we will cut it completely.

    According to projections UN in 2030 the region will begin to suffer in drought.
    Turkey makes active plans against this. Like you can see on this picture:

    Whilst Iraqi and Americans bomb themselves, Turkey has major anti-erosion and anti-dryness projects. Such as the planting of 10 billion oak trees of 18 sorts in Turkey.

    Turkish oak trees have long and strong rootings. It will make creamy the earth it is planted in and will ensure that many many water of the 501 billion m3 rain in Turkey will sicker into the earth and make Turkey to Garden eden.

    Also Turkish water ministry and turkisgh environment Ministry have this year planted about 640 million non-oak scions in Turkey.

    Currently turkish forests make 27% of Turkish land. The current All-European average is 30%. With all these projects we will surpass Europeans in some years and we will safe diversity of nature and life in Turkey. And even extend it. Decades before even leopards lived in Turkey and maybe they will return.

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