Iraq given a temp... waiver for Iran elect...& gas

Discussion in 'Iraq' started by RodISHI, Feb 13, 2020.

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    Iran is losing as Iraq pulls off it electric and gas supplies. If Iraq doesn't it will be sanctioned along with Iran when this round of waivers runs out. Perhaps someone else in the world out there will loan poor Iran some more blood money (I sure hope not). Iran has too much money to spare when it can support wars in Syria, Yemen and all its other militia and terrorist efforts through the ME.

    No more loans to Iran period until it quits terrorist operations throughout and on its own people.

    Hopefully when China falls Iran's vicious regime goes with it.

    Russia has been selling products some China has previously supplied. Perhaps Put can keep his war weapons pulled back and create more opportunity for his people in Russia.

    US gives Iraq sanctions waiver for vital Iranian gas imports

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