Iran stops refueling ‘Western Planes”

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    Iran stops refueling ‘Western Planes”

    I want to share news from all peoples that recently Iran stops refueling WESTERN PLANES in “tit – for – tat move”.

    Recently fuel supply stop for IRANIAN passenger plan in Europe than Iran decided to strike back and banned supply of fuel to Western Airlines. The decision of European Oil companies was a sharp re-act in support of Western sanctions against Iran over nuclear programmed.

    Iranian commercial planes to Europe continue to operate and when make stop over in Prague and Budapest than Russian companies still refuel Iranian aircrafts.

    The companies those refused for re-filling Iranian plane under the pressure of United States. In this regard Iran filed grievance in December 2010 with International Civil Aviation Organization in this regard.

    In short I would say that Iranian nation never fear or afraid by any Super Power or any sanction that is why West and United States still worried how they progress without any West or USA support which is too amazing and disturbing their thoughts every day.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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