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    Insadong street is the souvenir street where tourists should take time to look around the Korean shops.
    The Insa-dong art and antique district has dozens of art galleries and shops selling art supplies, antiques, and handicrafts along one main street (Insadong-gil) and many side alleys. It also contains many traditional tea and coffee shops.
    This street starts to get busy at 10am.
    Many shops accept credit cards but cash is more favorable. Sometimes when you use a card, you can't have a discount
    I bought some souvenir shirts. The "I love Korea" white colored shirt costs KW8,000 and other color shirt different chost....I just took white ones.. I like it..
    Every Saturday from 14:00 -22:00 and Sunday from 10:00 - 22:00, some streets are blocked off from traffic and it becomes a cultural space.
    So walk along the way, I could see many tradition products and touched.
    Very interesting...haha

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