Intelligence report: Hamas cannot be eliminated

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    NAZARETH, (PIC)-- The Israeli military intelligence's department of studies and research said in a report that Hamas Movement adapts with the changes in the world and has become impossible to eliminate.

    This came in a report written by specialist in security and military sciences Isaac Ben-Israel, who work for the Israeli military intelligence (Aman) in the department of studies and research.

    The report is composed of 37 pages and discusses the political and military future of Hamas in light of the current regional changes especially in the Arab and Muslim world. The report was tabled in a seminar held by the department.

    The report talks about how Hamas, according to facts, has become stronger politically, militarily and at the security level.

    The researcher affirmed in his report that the diplomatic moves made by Hamas officials in a number of countries like Damascus, Ankara, Sana'a, Khartoum and Doha confirm that this Movement has evolved into a political system with a state.

    Intelligence report: Hamas cannot be eliminated

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