Intelligence leaks and media hypocrisy

Discussion in 'Military' started by whitehall, Jul 26, 2012.

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    Remember Valerie Plame? The media went crazy for a year with allegations that the Bush administration "outed" a covert CIA agent. It wasn't true but the media went with it anyway because it made a good story. Plame was the queen of the D.C. cocktail crowd and her own husband introduced her as a former CIA agent. Her status as a CIA agent was released in a story by reporter and the Bush administration had nothing to do with it. Today we have dozens of intelligence leaks to the NY Times and the media doesn't seem interested. Recently the administration released information about the US cyber attacks on Iran. Details of the SEAL team assassination of Bin Ladin were released. The Obama drone program targeting the administration's "enemies list" were released to the Times. Nothing is sacred to the Obama administration if they think they can get a couple of votes out of it.

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