Insider's Information for Bailouts

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    Such "permission" would have to come in the form of an amendment to the Constitution.

    Federal Government spending is mandated to be for "the general welfare". When Government directs taxpayer money to an individual or group (and not for the general benefit of all Americans).... that's unconstitutional and against the law... as are earmarks and others.

    We the people of America say "it is not the business of governments to bail out companies".

    There is nothing wrong in donating personal money but you need confirmed permission from Tax-payers to donate their hard earned money.

    Just came to know that American Airlines is filing for bankruptcy.

    American Airlines has some 700 big and giant planes. AMR shares/stocks fell 35% yesterday.

    George Bush has said "under normal circumstances I would have allowed the companies to fail but this is extraordinary situation".

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