Inonovation, Free Market Genius or Theft

Discussion in 'Economy' started by DiogenesDog, Dec 3, 2007.

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    Does a free market economy include allowing theft by deception?

    The savings and loan blowup of the 80s was like a practice session for the the games and scams that are being run today while "regulators" are kept at bay.

    Enron was the first spark of the new fuse that is now burning. It is fortunate that the ethanol debacle is now being seen for its shortcomings and not as a panacea. Arbitrage and hedge funds today are the kin of the Credit Mobilier mess of the late 1870s. The trusts and Big________ (insert an industry) owned government. The strangle hold today is by a financial industry that is going for blood. To whom will the banks, trusts and holding companies sell the houses that have been swept into their holdings by foreclosure. Surely it cannot be those who were foreclosed upon. Will the power of the landlord come roaring back. There is already a sub-industry of buy-on-contract in my area that is replacing the sub-prime scheme.

    Conservatives in business and government know that an orderly market is needed to have a real sense of business as usual. Radicals do not care for an orderly market. The turn over in an orderly market is so . . . how shall we say . . . arcane.

    I once held an IT job in a small insurance company that put together very complicated schemes that were built around whole life policies. The objective was to allow for cash heavy individuals to get in on the scheme with big cash inputs up front, a backing of a whole life policy in which the scheme directors and managers had a piece of an insurance payout and a slush stream of cash by way of a complicated web of annuities. All this required a computer. The guy who wrote the software was doing time and the genius who wired the required bit of interface turned out to be a cryptographer who was fired in disgrace from his government job. He missed Leavenworth by the skin of his teeth. I parted company with them all before it all came apart. I did have to testify.

    With that said, lets look at todays complications.

    Paul Krugman wrote of it yesterday - oooppsss, there go the radical apologist. See ya!

    Follow on here.

    Keep saying to your self, "An orderly market is a conservative market." Only liberals understand conservatism. The radical mess we have today is not conservative. Those who try to call it so are ignorant, unschooled and subject to being told what and how to think. They are the intern Brownshirts of a dead end W_administration.

    We may dismiss anything they say or write because, freedom of speech is about truth and not some damn "Swifter" (product that does a job with dirt) ideation devoid of truth or good intent.

    The last thing any of these want to say is, "(MY) President is a woman. Too bad. It's their turn in the barrel. They made it so. What comes around goes around.

    The survivors in the competition of life are smart, flexible, morally well centered and are breeding right at this moment.

    I AM (as serious as a vascular blowout)

    Live long and prosper.

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