If we tax the rich more...how will they pay to DNA test dog ****???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bucs90, Sep 13, 2012.

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    Dog DNA Tests To Identify Dog Poop Pile Up Nationwide (VIDEO)

    There it is folks. We hear that the rich just dont have any more to contribute. And they're right. In over 30 states, gated community HOA's are sending unattended dog shit off for DNA testing, and requiring that all residents register their dog's shit for a DNA sample, so they can end the horrible tyrannical reign of dogs shitting on grass.

    These freedom-loving rich folks have installed these....well, overbearing laws in their HOA's that force a person to register dog shit, literally, so they can send unattended shit off to be tested so they can fine you. I cant make this shit up. No pun.

    So....lay off the rich. They're struggling out there. If we raise their taxes, how can they register shit and test shit inside their gates? This is America Gawd-dammit, and we will not deny anyone the right to be able to afford to get their dog shit tested!!

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