If we do it--it's called bribery/extortion--government does it--it's perfectly O.K.

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    ABC News reports that Louisiana senator Mary Landrieu, one of the last Democrats holding out on supporting Senate majority leader Harry Reid’s health-care legislation, has sweetened Louisiana’s slice of Obamacare by $100 million (via disaster-relief dollars) in a little-noticed provision on page 432 of Reid’s bill. Landrieu, of course, is not doing anything to hide this $100 million allocation. If anything, she’s proud of it. It’s “something she has been working on for a long time,” says Robert Sawicki, Landrieu’s press secretary.

    Not all of Landrieu’s colleagues, however, are quite so happy about it. One reason: The $100 million provision was hammered out behind closed doors on Thursday in Reid’s office.


    You know our elected officials are so quick to point out other government's that are corrupt--referring to them as banana republics, etc. etc.--while all along they do it right here in this country. And they do it with our tax dollars by bribing our elected officials into voting for a bill that they are on the fence about, or wouldn't have dreamed of voting for.

    We need to remember these politicians & vote them out of office. We need to send a clear message to Washington D.C. that pork barrel VOTE bribary is no longer acceptable.

    We need to insist that this congress & administration pass legislation in this country that pork barrel vote bribary is illegal.

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    Gee, just like the old numbers runners when the so called "bad guys' or "Goodfellas" ran the numbers racket. Then the politicians saw profit in it, and started their own state LOTTERIES, now it's legal.

    Same with those old mechanical slots in diners many many moons ago.....they eventually gave birth to the casinos.

    Yes indeed, Its ALL LEGAL when the Government does it and ILLEGAL when the citizen does "IT", whatever IT IS anymore. :lol:

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