If We Could Watch The USSR Collapse, Then Elect Barack Obama

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    [Face it, we're simply incapable of learning, anything. Mayor Michael "The 9/11 Mosque" Bloomberg provides an insight into how things not be done]

    "NYC Blows $2.3 Million and Climbing on Unfinished Toilet

    Why is it that the more socialistic a society lets itself become, the lower its standard of living? Because under socialism, resources are not allocated efficiently. Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg’s New York City provides countless examples, including this one:

    A costly restroom facility in Elmhurst contracted by the city nearly two years ago is still under construction, and it could end up costing even more than originally indicated.

    The comfort station at Elmhurst Park — the former site of the Elmhurst Gas Tanks — was originally quoted at just under $2 million in July 2010. The city has since raised the price tag to nearly $2.3 million. And parkgoers continue a scramble to find places to relieve themselves nine months after the park opened.

    “Two million dollars seems obscene,” said Robert Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association, which waged a nearly decade-long campaign to block commercial developers and convert the area into park land.

    “Anybody in private industry who looked at this building would laugh,” Holden added"

    Moonbattery » NYC Blows $2.3 Million and Climbing on Unfinished Toilet

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