If 18 million "uninsured" don't NEED or WANT to be AND

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    10 million according to the Census of the Uninsured ARE NOT Citizens AND 14 million that say they are uninsured ARE actually covered by Medicaid.. WHY did Obamacare continue to spout 50 million uninsured?

    Do you really think Congress would have passed Obamacare IF those 6 votes that allowed passage KNEW there were only 8 million that truly NEEDED and WANTED insurance?

    They were duped to think there were 50 million!

    NOW how many of these same Congress members would approve a 10% tax on lawyers like they did on tanning salons ESPECIALLY considering at least 40% of Congress and Obama ARE Lawyers AND $300 million was donated by Lawyers to Obama/Congress?

    But if those lawyers paid 10% tax on their $100 billion and that $10 billion would be used to buy health insurance for the truly 8 million uninsured.. THIS whole issue would be moot!

    AND then by taxing the lawyers WATCH how quickly the $600 billion in defensive medicine costs decline.. easily by 20% or over $100 billion simply by encouraging physicians NOT to ask for duplicate tests out of fear of Lawsuits! 90% of physicians say that is there biggest concern!

    Then many of you evidently have NO knowledge of the massive overcharges (some cases 6,000% overcharges...) by hospitals to Medicare.. easily $100 billion or more a year JUST because Medicare will pay !
    WHY I've asked you to LOOK up EMTALA folks and see WHY hospitals can mark up by 6,000% or more on claims to Medicare!

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